Artist Statement

Art is my way of providing expression to my own thoughts and passions. 

The art space I am exploring uses the primitive power of color to elicit an emotional response from the audience.  My work often focuses on figurative and portraits, utilizing color in connection with my own emotional state or in response to the subject.  Color has the power to provide inherent emotional cues based on our individual experiences and conditioning.  I provide this avenue to assist the audience in digesting my work.

My current series explores ideas that have percolated in my head over the years that have finally surfaced, that examine color-filled worlds that may be or might have been.  These works seek to emotionally engage the audience with my interpretation of traditional world mythology, as well as some of my own internally-developed myths.

Previous work had typically been more directly related to the subject, with pieces often keeping the figure front-and-center.  My art now evolves by moving the lens of my focus “further back” to give context to the subject of my interest.