Artist Statement

I am Edward J. Stonehill, born in New York City.  As an artist, I follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, who owned his art studio and was a professional illustrator on the East Side of Manhattan. 

The art space I am exploring uses the subject as a vehicle for giving the viewer an emotional response.  The specific emotion means less to me than my work evokes a soul-touching experience.  

People relate through body language or face-to-face interactions, so the human subject is the focus of my work.  The stripped-down subject is my messenger with an intensity.  I rarely distract with background details or clothing, unless it promotes the intent of my work.

Color is a significant aspect in the execution of my art.  Color in some ways provides emotional cues based on our own experiences and conditioning.  I provide this avenue to assist the participant-viewer (see below) in digesting my work.   The emotional nature of the relationship between the subject and me is interpreted by the participant-viewer.  

I seek new ways to express this connection between my work and you, and in this is our art. 


I am not sure whether this is an actual term, but I feel it is an accurate way to describe the relationship you and I have.   Regardless of the artist that produces a work, when seeing it you will have a reaction or response.  That reaction is shaped by your life experiences, your mood, your preferences, your dreams.  That response is a lens for which you see all art, including my own.  Just as I shape through my lens an interpretation of the subject, you do as well when seeing the work.  Art is not a passive thing, but an active one.  Here I give you credit for helping to create, as a participant, the experience in viewing my work.  Thank you, participant-viewer.